Hi, we’re Dylan and Karen.

When we started tossing out ideas for a food and lifestyle project, we knew one thing for sure: We didn’t want it to be about perfect women making perfect dishes in perfect homes. We have jobs, dogs, cats, friends, side projects, divorced parents, tiny apartments, HBO addictions, and occasional hangovers. We procrastinate, swear, and funnel Tim’s potato chip crumbs directly into our mouths. We don’t have fancy equipment, fancy aprons, or fancy cameras. (In fact, we shoot everything on our iPhones.) We cannot ever have the perfect home or the perfectly-curated menu, and here’s the thing—we don’t want to. We are not perfect and we don’t think anyone else is, either.

Except for maybe Meryl Streep. 

A goddess in her own right, Meryl successfully straddles the worlds of “together” and “easy going.” Kickass career that didn’t really take off until her 30s? Check. Over twenty Academy Award nominations? Don’t even mention it. A National Medal of Arts and Presidential Medal of Honor from Barack Obama? You betcha. A forty-year marriage? Come on, it’s not even fair at this point.

So what does Meryl’s list of accomplishments have to do with our perfectly imperfect food blog? Pretty much nothing. Listen, we just love Meryl Streep, and one day Dylan suggested we call this thing I’d Rather Be Meryl, and it stuck. So, welcome to I’d Rather Be Meryl. Your judgement-free place for less-than-perfect party ideas, healthy recipes, decidedly-not-healthy recipes, tips, tricks, Meryl praise, and more. Together, we will try new things, nurture a love of cooking, throw memorable events, build more beautiful homes, and keep plants alive. Welcome to I’d Rather Be Meryl. We’re happy to have you.