Unforgettably Ooey-Gooey Cornbread in a Cast Iron Skillet

Unforgettably Ooey-Gooey Cornbread in a Cast Iron Skillet

A few weeks ago, my dad decided to host a chili cook-off for our entire family. My brother brought his famous turkey chili, my dad made Grandma Quinn’s classic recipe, and my Aunt Froncie brought the Betty Crocker version. They were all delicious, but guess what stole the show? That’s right, THIS VERY cornbread. Not only is this cornbread knock-your-socks-off delicious, but the bar for cornbread is also disappointingly low, so to be honest it was an easy win. Think about it: When was the last time you had homemade cornbread that wasn’t dry and crumbly and tasteless? No longer. This version is supple and moist and made with real corn. Plus, it comes in an adorable skillet. OH, and another thing! You eat it with a spoon. Whoa. Buckle up, folks. This cornbread is about to change your life—and your chili cook-offs—forever.

Just so corny

The question I hear most often with this cornbread is, “wait, is there real corn in here?” YES. It’s made with real corn—and, a little something I learned at ChefSteps, frozen corn actually tastes fresher than “fresh” corn, because it’s flash frozen immediately after it’s picked. There’s also a hefty dose of cornmeal for added texture.

The key is this: Use a thermometer to remove it from the oven at just the right moment—an internal temp of 190F will give you cornbread that’s a little underbaked, a little battery, and very, very corny.

Time: 1 hr
Active Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 6–8
Drink: We’re thinking bubbles. Sparkling rosé, perhaps?


  • 4 sticks of butter, plus more to grease your skillet (yes, really)
  • 2 14-oz bags of frozen corn
  • 1 c buttermilk
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup medium-grind cornmeal
  • 1 tbl Kosher salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

    Medium-sized (~12 in) cast iron skillet
    Immersion blender or serious blender, like a Vitamix
    Digital thermometer

    Make batter

    1. Cook butter and corn
    Add butter and frozen corn to a medium pot over medium heat and cook until fragrant and lightly browned.


    2. Remove from heat
    Let cool before adding the eggs—you don’t want to scramble them.

    3. Add buttermilk and eggs; blend
    Add buttermilk and eggs to the pot and blend with an immersion blender, or dump the corn-and-butter mixture into a serious blender (like a Vitamix) and blend, adding the buttermilk and eggs slowly, until smooth.

    4. Combine dry ingredients in the biggest bowl you have
    Mix them together to prevent clumping when you add the corn purée.

    5. Add corn purée to the dry ingredients; mix to combine
    Use a spatula to gently incorporate the dry ingredients. Don’t miss any dry spots, and don’t overmix—the more you mix, the more gluten you develop, which will make your bread less gooey and tender.



    6. Preheat your oven to 375F

    7. Prep your skillet
    Slather a skillet with butter. Get all those corners and edges. Add some flour and rotate while pounding with your palm to make a thin coat of flour.

    8. Bake
    Pour the batter into your prepared skillet. Bake to a core temperature of 190F, about 30 minutes.

    9. Let cool; EAT WITH A SPOON
    Serve warm with a side of honey butter (just honey and butter whipped together). Eat it with a spoon, plz and thank you.


    Um, excuse me?

    Four sticks of butter? Really, truly?
    Yes, we know. It’s a lot of butter. If you’re not into it, we totally get it. But if you’re going to make cornbread, a lot of butter is kind of the thing.

    Can I use fresh corn instead of frozen?
    I think so! Frozen is nice because, as I mentioned above, it’s frozen right after picking, so it has a very bright, sweet flavor. But fresh corn should work, too—try it and let us know how it goes!

    I don’t have a 12-inch skillet. Can I use a different size?
    Yes. You can use a smaller one, or a couple of smaller ones. Eyeball it when you’re filling them, and go to about a half an inch below the rim. If you have leftover, you can use muffin tins or mini bread loaves to bake it off.

    Can I just use muffin tins or bread tins instead of a skillet?
    Yes, you can bake it in whatever you want. Aim for an internal temp of 190F, and it’ll be hard to go wrong.

    What happens if I cook it past 190F?
    It’ll start to dry out a bit. It’s okay if you go past 190F, but do your best to take it out around then.

    Mine is very battery in the middle. Is it undercooked?
    Yes, but it’s supposed to be a little undercooked. That’s part of what makes it ooey-gooey. If you’re not cool with that, just toss it back in the oven and let it cook a little longer.

    Wait, but sorry. Four sticks of butter?

    Can I show you pics when I’m done?
    Yes, please! Tag us on Instagram @idratherbemeryl!

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