When we started throwing the idea of our own blog around we knew one thing for certain — we didn’t want to be responsible for another force in the universe that perpetuates perfect women making perfect dishes in perfect homes. Growing up with over-worked mothers and fathers, homes of divorce, and brothers taught us long ago that too many things get in the way of perfection. Now, in our own homes, our lives are riddled with dogs, cats, jobs, nights out drinking, nights in binge watching game of thrones, eating the crumbs directly from a bag of Tim’s chips while our significant others pour us wine—wait, chips and wine, maybe we are perfect?!?—and everything else that makes life fun and messy. All of the things we love most undo our attempts at the perfectly decorated place or the perfectly curated menu. When we really got down to it, perfection feels disingenuous. Perfection is a myth. We are not perfect and really don’t believe anyone is. 

Except for one glorious being—Meryl Streep. 

A goddess in her own right, Meryl successfully straddles the worlds of “together” and “easy going.” Kick ass career that didn’t really take off until her 30s? Check. One of six actors to ever win more than 3 competitive academy awards? Don’t even mention it. A National Medal of Arts and Presidential Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama? You betcha. A fucking high school cheerleader? Come on, it’s not even fair at this point. 

Meryl is the kind of friend who lets you cry on one shoulder and uses the other arm to create you a 10-point next-step list. She is a mother who never comments on your looks and encourages you to follow your dreams. She is friends with all of her exes and is genuinely happy for their success. Meryl probably doesn’t even need deodorant—she naturally smells of lavender and amber.

The Meryl of our dreams has it all together and really, we all would rather be that Meryl. But we can only be us, and that really isn’t such a bad thing.

Welcome to I’d Rather Be Meryl. Your judgement free place for less-than-perfect party ideas, healthy recipes, decidedly-not-healthy recipes, tips, tricks, occasional swearing, and more. Together, we will try new things, nurture a love of cooking, throw memorable events, build a more beautiful home, have better relationships, and keep plants alive. We’re happy to have you.


All photos on this site were taken by Shantanu Starick as he has been travelling the world for his latest project, Pixel Trade.