Four Dreamy Gifts For Your Favorite Kitchen-Centric Pal

Four Dreamy Gifts For Your Favorite Kitchen-Centric Pal

Listen, I know that I am hard to shop for. First off, I buy whatever I want. To be clear, I’m not just walking around buying Vitamixes, but, as a gainfully-employed adult in a DINK household with (relatively limited TBH) financial knowledge, I can usually save up and purchase things that I want/need. Second, I’m particular. (It’s important to be self aware.) I know all too well the pains my friends and family go through when trying to buy me gifts; buying for easy-going loved ones is hard enough.

With that in mind, Karen and I really wanted to create a gift guide filled with options that people who like to cook, like to host, and like this blog, will actually like for themselves. We have a slew of options, ranging in price, and if your person of gifterest already has one of these, they will probably like the rest. Here we go.

1. Staub

Your food-loving friend needs a good dutch oven. You could easily go with another high-end brand, but we love Staub’s price-quality ratio, sleek design, and muted-moody colors. There are three sizes that are important to have in a fully stocked kitchen, so if your gift-getter already has one, consider getting them another size based on what types of kitchen things they like doing best.

3.75 QT: This is the best for baking, or batch cooking for small households. Karen uses this size to bake her famous loaves and Dylan uses hers to cook smaller tough cuts for her two-person household.

5-6 QT: This is the first Staub you should own. It does it all.

7-9 QT: This is great for anyone who likes to entertain or plan ahead. You can feed a small army with braised pork shoulders or brisket in this badboy. You can also make a vat of tomato sauce at the end of the season to freeze and use all winter long. This is a serious gift for some serious kitchen tasks.

2. A really great apron

An apron is one of those funny kitchen things that you don’t realize you need. You don’t realize how life changing it is to be able to cook and not be covered in food. To get ready for your party before guests arrive and simply put on an apron to stay clean. To have pockets easily accessible while cooking.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.51.54 AM.png

I’ve had a crush on Bon Appetite’s Senior Associate Food Editor Molly Baz’s aprons for some time now. She mostly wears linen pinafore ones, which feature full coverage in the front, and a lovely criss-cross in the back. They also are ultra chic. Practical and pretty. Luckily, Etsy has a treasure-trove of aprons made in this style.

3. Cute, cheap cocktail glasses you can totally mistreat

Here’s the deal about hosting—your things are going to break. Maybe it will be a water glass, or a folding chair. It could be your old couch finally giving way, or your grandmother’s juicer that’s been passed down for generations. It comes with the territory—if you’re going to give your friends delicious alcohol, there’s a chance something will break.

I have found that the most likely thing to break is the glass holding said alcohol itself. So, last year, I invested in some sturdy glasses that could be used for cocktails, wine, water, or any other type of liquid. (And by invest, I mean that I paid very little money for sturdy, unbreakable glassware.) These glasses, from IKEA, can be mistreated all night and the likelihood of breakage is low. Plus, if they do break, they only cost $3 a glass. Who cares! Throw them out the window if you’d like! (But not really, it was just a joke.)

The best thing about these glasses is how many compliments I get. The vintage look feels fancy, and the practical, heavy glass feels authentic to the vintage vibe. Win-win!

4. Subscriptions galore!

We love the idea of getting a present once a month for a whole year. Think about gifting a subscription, either of very useful content or high-quality items. Bonus: You don’t have to actually wrap or send anything!

Fatcork is a grower Champagne importer and retailer located right here in Seattle. They focus on bringing the very best undiscovered Champagnes from France to the U.S. They ship almost everywhere, so you don’t have to be local to enjoy.

Herkimer coffee is Karen’s favorite Seattle roaster. She decided to move all the way to New York, but she loves that Herkimer offers a coffee subscription. If you need to buy Karen a gift, this is a pretty good one.

Olympia Provisions pickles are available in the wonderfully nostalgic “Of The Month” club format. One kind of pickle per month. 12 months per year. Heaven. (They offer salami and charcuterie of the month, too!)

NYTimes Cooking is basically the best bang for your buck when it comes to gift subscriptions. Anyone who likes to cook has been hit by that famous firewall upon finding a promising NYTimes cooking recipe. When you give your loved one NYTimes cooking, you’re really giving them access to Alison Roman, Sam Sifton, Yotam Ottolenghi, and more.

I’ve got a gift idea—is it any good?

We’ll let you know. Leave a comment below or DM us on Instagram. 

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